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Nick Mueller

Lead Product Designer

Cody Moiseve

Associate Creative Director

Emily Yurko

Creative Director



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Toyota Financial Services is a platform dedicated to service excellence. Where millions of Toyota customers drive their vehicles, thanks to their flexible financing and leasing, comprehensive vehicle, payment protection plans, and well-rounded insurance offerings.



We were approached by TFS to revamp their logged-in experience, aimed at creating a more user-friendly interface with streamlined registration, simplified payment systems, an improved lease-end experience, and a dashboard that provides users with all the necessary details about their vehicles.



By utilizing the Atomic Design methodology, our team began constructing pages based on the wireframes and style guide, enabling us to iterate quickly with the components. Our primary goal was to ensure complete consistency throughout the user experience, given the fact that we were anticipating over 10 million users on the site. It was important to create a seamless experience that would reduce friction for a task that many people dread doing every month. To achieve this, we employed clear hierarchy to guide users through the different sections, used typography to highlight essential information that needed to be read or scanned, and gave users clear direction. Additionally, we paid close attention to using brand colors appropriately, given that Toyota's primary color is red, especially when it came to action states. Finally, we also took accessibility into account by ensuring a AA+ level of contrast, focus states, validations, notifications, and alt tagging.