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Skill Shack is an education platform that operates in a decentralized manner, dedicated to imparting skill sets that conventional schooling fails to provide. Our platform provides hands-on learning experiences, group learning sessions, instructor guidance, and scheduled sessions - all accessible virtually.



Skill Shack, a startup, required a complete overhaul of its brand identity, along with a web presence and an MVP launch to present to investors - all within a tight deadline of 3 months. During this process, the founder was still exploring and discovering the true essence of Skill Shack, leading to numerous unknowns and iterations to bring the vision to life.



I designed an exceedingly bold and unconventional brand presence for Skill Shack, setting it apart from the typical education platforms. By leveraging illustrations, striking typography, and micro-interactions, I was able to weave a compelling story and establish a clear hierarchy for the brand. The overall aesthetic was a result of collaborative inspiration, delving into the realms of illustrations, typography, and playful design elements. With ample creative freedom, I honed in on a direction that exuded warmth, approachability, and playfulness, resulting in a cohesive design system that seamlessly translates across different mediums.