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I collaborated with CCS, a distributor of medical devices, to evaluate and identify opportunities for the Diabetic Business Unit. The goal was to provide recommendations for future improvements that would enhance productivity and margins, ultimately increasing the overall value of the business for CCS.



The CCS brand required a complete refresh as it appeared outdated. The task involved creating a new logo that represented the company's four pillars. Additionally, a modern, accessible font was chosen to complement the new powerful color palette, resulting in a refreshed and contemporary look for the brand.



I worked on a comprehensive brand refresh for CCS, which involved creating a new logo that reflected the company's four core offerings and audiences: patients, providers, payers, and manufacturers. I achieved this by using simple geometric shapes with rounded corners that come together at a fourth hard corner. The new logo is a representation of these pillars coming together to reshape the company's ecosystem. In addition to the new logo, I created a brand book that documented the company's new visual identity, including usage examples, type styles, color palette, lifestyle images, divisional iconography, patterns, presentation slides, and a business card. Finally, we applied the new identity to the redesign of the CCS Portal.