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Digitas was approached by JLL with a specific ask: to provide strategy, information architecture, and user experience expertise for the redesign of their global website and to enhance their web branding. This request came after JLL had recently undergone a brand redesign, and it was our responsibility to take their existing brand and create a refreshed visual identity that would align with their new branding. Our main objective was to redesign the JLL website, ensuring it was globally consistent and visually appealing to its audience.



Developing a successful digital marketing campaign poses various challenges, and businesses must navigate them with care. One such challenge is creating a cohesive brand identity that effectively translates from traditional print campaigns to digital platforms. Additionally, creating content that works seamlessly within a component-built architecture requires a strong understanding of web development principles. For companies with a global reach, understanding regional content and how it fits into the larger system is crucial. This becomes even more complex when considering the various languages used across different regions and how they integrate with the company's text styles. Finally, incorporating a predictive or suggestive search feature is essential to improve user experience and engagement on the website. Overcoming these challenges requires a dedicated team with a strong skill set and a thorough understanding of digital marketing trends.



To effectively communicate with a diverse audience, the home page had to tell a rich story that was both informative and accessible. This was achieved through the use of simple wayfinding iconography, which made it easy for both new and returning visitors to quickly find the information they needed. The remainder of the page was dedicated to specific lead generation content and industry insights, which were tailored to appeal to the target audience. By carefully crafting a narrative that addressed the unique needs and interests of the audience, the home page successfully engaged visitors and encouraged them to explore further. To provide a more immersive experience for curious visitors, an interactive animation was developed to guide users through JLL's core service offerings. This full-screen menu experience was designed to be visually engaging and informative, enabling users to explore the various services provided by JLL in a more intuitive and user-friendly way. By leveraging animation and interactivity, we were able to create a more engaging and memorable experience for users, helping them to better understand the scope of JLL's services and expertise. Developing a robust search experience was a key focus for JLL, as it played a critical role in driving traffic to their website. To enhance this feature, a custom integration was implemented that enabled JLL to showcase featured results for specific search terms based on site traffic and promotional objectives. This helped to optimize the search experience for users and provide them with the most relevant and valuable information possible. By leveraging this integration, JLL was able to improve the overall usability and functionality of their website, while also driving more traffic to key pages and content.