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Manifold sought to implement major updates to their website, including new content, page layouts, navigation structure, and logic to bolster marketing efforts and attract new clients. My objective was to revamp the site design to cater to diverse marketing needs, with a particular focus on SEO optimization and accessibility. I aimed to address the concerns and issues faced by the advisory and marketing team with the current site.



My focus was on ensuring that the new design was user-friendly and intuitive to navigate, while also catering to the requirements of our marketing and advisory teams in promoting our products and capabilities. It was also crucial to maintain brand consistency across the new redesign and marketing materials.



Clear goals and objectives were established at the onset of the redesign process, with a timeline and budget developed to ensure the project remained on track. By planning meticulously and staying organized throughout, the redesign of Manifold's website was successfully executed, resulting in a valuable online presence for the business. To create consistency throughout the experience, components were built with careful attention to detail. Lottie interactions, micro-interactions, and smooth scrolling were incorporated to enhance the storytelling and elevate the user experience. A dreamy aesthetic was achieved through the creation of an impactful and memorable color palette.